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Business Dashboard

The Business Dashboard is a unique feature of the Loop Media Platform. It allows you to grant access for select business owners and managers to login and manage their own offers and promotions directly.

Every Property has a unique dashboard that can be branded to match your app or company. Your unique business dashboard is accessible at <property-domain>

To see your exact business dashboard link, look at the top of Customer Portal > Property Settings > General.

Branding Your Dashboard

The Theme settings of your Property are used to customize the logos and colors of your Business Dashboard.

In Customer Portal > Property Settings:

  • Click the ... button and select Theme.
  • Add your logos, a splash image, and colors for your brand.
  • Open your Business Dashboard in a new browser window to preview your changes.

Granting Business Owner Access

In your Customer Portal:

  1. Find the Business you want to grant access.
  2. Navigate to the Users tab
  3. Enter the email of the business owner, select their role, and click Invite.

This will grant that person permission to login via your Property's Business Dashboard and manage their offers. They will also be able to see summary data related to their offer performance.