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The Loop Media Group Platform is a mobile-first offers management platform that provides a plug-and-play in-app consumer offer and reward experience. It is also the first-of-it's-kind Offer Network, providing access to exclusive, high-quality offers from nearby and local businesses.

With the Platform you can:

  1. Engage your current users with offers and rewards on your websites and mobile apps
  2. Create, manage, and curate the offers and rewards visible to your users
  3. See overall performance of each offer and business
  4. Access available offers from thousands of nearby and local businesses

Ready to add great offers and rewards to your product?

Contact us to get your initial Property setup. We'll help you get integrated and guide you through the best setup for your specific product.

Already Have A Property?

Jump to our Getting Started Guide to walk through the details on how to get up and running with the Platform.