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The Loop Media Group Enterprise Offers Platform provides a seamlessly mobile offers management platform and plug-and-play in-app consumer offer experience.

The platform is made up of 4 key components:

  • Native Mobile SDKs - Allows seamless "plug-and-play" integration of our customizable consumer mobile offers experience in your existing mobile products.
  • Customer Portal - A full management interface for your in-app offer experience.
  • Business Dashboard - Ability for business owners to create and submit offers for your app.
  • Advanced Offers Platform - Our scalable and extensible mobile offers platform that provides the core infrastructure for all core features.

Core Concepts

Properties & Integrations

Your Property is the core of your integration with the Loop Media Platform. It represents the shared group of offers, businesses, collections, and audience members.

Each Property has one or more Integrations. These are the mobile apps, websites, or other destinations you will be syndicating the offers to that share the same core audience.


The Audience of a Property are all the users or end consumers that will see and use the offers published through the property.

The Loop Media Platform works with your existing authentication and user management database to provide full control over:

  • How you track and authenticate your users
  • How much additional profile data you share

What's Next?

Contact us to get your initial Property setup. We'll help you get integrated and guide you through the best setup for your specific product.

Already have a Property? Get started with your Integration: